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About Chuwa

Telephone: (510)296-5433

Fax: (510) 474-1861


About Chuwa

Chuwa America Corp is affiliated with Fudan Forward ’s Shanghai Chuwa Software Co. Ltd., which was established in April 1991. As one of the pioneers that contribute to the growth of software development business in China, Shanghai Chuwa has established its leadership position in Chinese market by providing professional R&D services and cutting edge technology products. Chuwa America is well destined to extend our success in technology products and R&D services to the US market.

Over the years, Chuwa has lead with two of its main strength. The first one is that the company has developed a unique corporate training system which effectively equip new employees to excel in our field. The second one is the emphasis of the company culture to cultivate a sense of honor to be a Chuwa member. The effort Chuwa intentionally put into these two areas is a foresight for the purpose of building long term relationship with our clients to provide the best service and support we can with a loyal employee base. The result of it is that we have established long term business relationship with famed international companies such as Cisco, Nomura Research Institute Limited, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu etc. Our company also has successfully provided services to firms in finance, medical, science, banking, and graphic industries. In high tech field of Shanghai, Chuwa has been well recognized as one of the major software development company and won many awards through the years.

Company Success

With many software solutions and more than 500 projects delivered and so many marketed successfully in the last 20 years,...