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Products overview

Ryzlink has strong advantage in the field of high technology, banking, finance, insurance, energy and transportation etc. Ryzlink post-doctoral research station has close co-operation with Fudan University over the years . We have been developed a serials of high-tech software products in digital image processing, machine vision, Information Optics,cloud computing, Internet of things, information security and other areas.

Companies in today’s technology and consumer electronics sector are under pressure to produce products with outstanding functionality at great speed if they wish to capture market opportunities across multiple countries and languages. Such pressure is compounded by expectations of constant reductions in the resources involved in product development along with zero product defects, while simultaneously adapting to emerging platforms and rapid technological change.

Our Products


DMAMS is the short for “Digital Media Assets Management System”. It is a digital content management platform to collect, analyze, process, store, search, and publish media information on Internet. DMAMS is recognized in the industry for advanced technology and innovation and has made ​​a series of achievements in the expansion of the domestic market


Chuwa-Panoramic is a monitoring and analyzing system capable of processing video related contents. It is a collection of video monitoring based traffic control technology, traffic light auto detection and intelligent error correction technology, vehicle positioning and monitoring technology, license plate positioning technology, calculation of multi-image enhancement process, auto image tilt correction technology, real time automatic image mosaics technology,mass video streaming storage allocation and management technology, moving object monitoring; recognition, and tracking technology.


TopVision is a digital medical image processing software. It uses the most advanced image processing calculation to ensure the best image quality and software competitiveness. It can be embedded in clinical X ray image processing system, or working independently as a medical image processing station. It can also be applied to X ray related image processing technologies. The software platform provides with image detail enhancing and image noise reduction technology, picture archiving, storing and communicating system, medical virtual reality and augmented reality, image segmentation, Image registration and fusion technology, image stitching technology etc.


Hardware Solution: Android Tablet PC developed by Ryzlink focuesd on the field of industry Customization like logistics, finance, education, medical and other industries. We are devoted to providing customers with comprehensive coordinated process service from the underlying hardware to the upper application.

Hardware rely on the existing platform, we are able to quickly and easily increase or decrease product function and customize differentiated products for clients. Ryzlink is capable of providing system design, schematic design, PCB layout design, the underlying software (BSP) development, production management, model debugging, production line testing and other services.