TopVision is a digital medical image processing software. It uses the most advanced image processing calculation to ensure the best image quality and software competitiveness. It can be embedded in clinical X ray image processing system, or working independently as a medical image processing station. It can also be applied to X ray related image processing technologies. The software platform provides with image detail enhancing and image noise reduction technology, picture archiving, storing and communicating system, medical virtual reality and augmented reality, image segmentation, Image registration and fusion technology, image stitching technology etc.

Dynamic perspective image processing system uses CUDA calculation platform to ensure a 30f/s image processing speed and real time image noise reduction and image enhancing process.

Image stitching system uses advance auto registration and fusion algorithm to ensure final image quality. Finished image will have consistent contrast and brightness . It is widely used for image stitching process for spine, chest, stomach and leg bone radiograph etc.